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3.20. COMING SOON: Configuring Supercharger for Entra

Supercharger supports not only on-prem windows event forwarders but also Entra/Intune joined forwarders.  There are multiple steps in this process.  In the video at the bottom of this article we will be demonstrating:

Installing and Configuring Supercharger

    Installing Supercharger

    Adding an Optional Second Windows Event Collector

Configuring Entra Tenant

         Enter Entra Tenant ID and Create App Registration

Installing and Configuring Supercharger

Installing Supercharger

  1. Download Supercharger from
  2. Run the installation file.
  3. Perform a default installation.
    1. For further information go to this Installing Supercharger KB article.
    2. The installer will install IIS if it is not installed and will reboot the server. The installation will resume upon login.
  4. Supercharger will automatically open the web browser upon completion of the installation.
    ***Please note that if your DC's are Win2008r2 then you will need to run "winrm qc" on each DC in an elevated cmd prompt.***

Adding an Optional Second Collector to Supercharger

  1. You can follow along with the video or follow the steps in this KB article.

Enter Entra Information and Create App Registration

The following steps will require access to your Entra tenant.  You will copying information from the tenant and inputting it on the "Add Entra Tenant" page in Supercharger. 

  1. On the tenant overview page copy the "Tenant ID" and the "Primary Domain" and paste this information into Supercharger.
  2. On tenant overview page click on "App Registrations" and then "New Registration". 
  3. Enter a name for the app registration and leave the other fields default.
  4. After saving, copy the "Application (client) ID" and paste it into Supercharger.
  5. On your new app registration click on "API permissions" in the side menu.
  6. Remove the "User.Read" permission.
  7. Then click on "Add a permission" and on the "Request API permissions" window navigate to Microsoft Graph\Application permissions\Device and select "Device.Read.All".  Then click on the "Add permissions" button.  *NOTE:  If you will be using groups with devices in them then you will also need to add the "GroupMember.Read.All" permission.

    In the screenshot above you can see that the permissions are granted but consent has not be given, hence the orange warning sign.  You will need to click on the check mark to grant admin consent.
  8. Next choose how you want Supercharger to authenticate to MS Graph.  There are 3 options available.
    1. Certificate in Local Machine Store of the Designated Collector
    2. Azure VM Managed Identity
    3. Secret stored in Supercharger (This is the option we are using in this example so select it in the dropdown.
  9. Back in Entra in your app registration click on "Certificates & Secrets" in the left menu and then click on "New client secret".
  10. In the "Add a client secret" window type in a description and select the longest expiration available and click on "Add".
  11. Copy the Value and paste this in to Supercharger.  Also change the expiration date in Supercharger to what is show next to your value.
  12. Lastly, in Supercharger select which collector will run the MS Graph queries.

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