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3.16. Stalled Subscription Watchdog

We have received reports that WEC subscriptions for some yet undiscovered reason will stall. The subscription will remain active but just stops working. The svchost.exe process running EventLog shows 0% CPU usage. Microsoft has been made aware of the issue but there is no fix for it yet.

With the release of Supercharger 21.8.4 a new feature has been added, Stalled Subscription Watchdog. This feature is enabled by default after installation by the StalledSubWatchdogEnabled override. There are two override settings to configure this feature:

  1. StalledSubWatchdogThresholdPercent (default 3)
  2. StalledSubWatchdogMinSecondsBetweenRetries (default 3600)

A subscription is considered stalling, if meets the following criteria:

  1. it is enabled
  2. it doesn't meet the number of healthy forwarders specified by its subscription policy
  3. the percentage of healthy forwarders is lower than StalledSubWatchdogThresholdPercent

If the watchdog is enabled by StalledSubWatchdogEnabled and the subscription has been stalling for at least StalledSubWatchdogMinSecondsBetweenRetries seconds, a retry will be initiated on the subscription and an Info message will be posted.

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