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5.13. Subscriptions are inactive

In Supercharger you may receive an error showing error 2144108374 and 2150858922.

The 2144108374 error is coming from the Runtime status of the WEC subscription having issues. In Event Viewer if you check the runtime status you may see this error code or you may see 0x803380AA. These codes are one in the same. The confusing part is WEC says the reason is to "Enable the WinRM firewall exception."  You may waste countless hours checking and rechecking your firewall rules but this is most likely not the issue.

In the EventCollector\Operational log you will also see event id 2 saying that the subscriptoin could not be activated and that the error code is 2150858922. You will notice that on the subscription in Event Viewer that there is no option to activate the subscription.

Both of these errors are reported to the subscriptions status in Supercharger. The fix is very easy. In Supercharger open the subscription having the issue. Click on the green "Edit" button. Then click on the "Submit" button. This will, in effect, Activate the subscription. You will notice that the subscription should now turn green (or yellow if there are other issues) on the Supercharger dashboard. It will also now show as Active under Subscriptions in Event Viewer.

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