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5.31. How to install Supercharger Manager on Windows Server Core

This article assumes that you have the Server Core server:

  1. Download the latest Supercharger Manager installer from
  2. Now we need to share a folder on Server Core so that we can copy the installer to the server. Connect to Server Core's cmd line and share your folder. Below we are just sharing the root.
  3. From the server that has the Supercharger Manager installer, connect to the shared folder from step 2. Copy the installer to that folder.
  4. In Server Core, using cmd line or PowerShell run the installer. You will have to run this command from the folder where the installer is saved: 
    .\SuperchargerSetup.exe /quiet /L*V  C:\msi.log
    **Note we have added the "/L*V C:\msi.log" switch which is optional but will help if you have any errors during the install.
  5. You should see various installer dialogues and then the C:\ prompt. The dialogues should disappear after a few seconds.
  6. Depending on the speed of your server and its resources it make take a few minutes for the entire installation to complete. Go to another server and open the address to Supercharger Manager in the browser. In the screenshot below the IP of the server core server is The URL for your install will be http://[your server core IP]/supercharger

You can now use this Supercharger Manager for managing WEC in your environment.

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