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2.2. Adding a Collector to Supercharger

To add a new collector to Supercharger:

  1. Open a browser on the server you want to add and navigate to the address of the Manager server.  For example, http://managerserver.domain.local/supercharger.‚Äč

  2. Once the Manager loads, click on the "Local Machine" tab on the left and then click "Download and launch collector installer" link in step 1.
  3. Run the installer once it completes downloading.  You may be prompted by your browser with various security options before executing the file; this is normal. Below is an example of what may be displayed in Internet Explorer.

  4. The installer requires the two pieces of information provided in step 2 above.  Click the "Copy To Clipboard" button and paste the SQL Server DNS name in to the installer.  Do the same for the Authenticator. Click Next then Install.
  5. Once the installer is complete, navigate back to the Manager URL in the browser and click on the "Collectors" tab on the left.  In less than one minute you should see the new collector popup with an Approve or Deny button. Click on Approve.
  6. Click on "Approve" on the confirmation message.
  7. The new collector is now added and should turn green once all of the preliminary checks are complete.

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