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4.1. LOGbinder for SharePoint Version History

LOGbinder for SharePoint 8.0.1 (11/28/2023)

  • Trim long events before writing to event log
  • Better error reporting for FIPS related issues
  • Do not try to set site collection administrator for ReadOnly sites
  • Reduce max time range to 2 days to improve performance in certain situations
  • Upgrade to .NET Framework 4.8
  • Some user interface accessibility improvements
  • Remove support for SharePoint 2007 and 2010

LOGbinder for SharePoint 7.0.15 (4/24/2021)

  • Handle case if site is deleted before purge
  • Skip site if it is temporarily read-only

LOGbinder for SharePoint 7.0.7 (1/27/2020)

  • Fix loading appropriate SharePoint DLL
  • Add Netwrix SharePoint Audit Event

LOGbinder for SharePoint 7.0.1 (11/13/2019)

  • Change many parts of memory management to significantly reduce memory consumption
  • Add event filtering options (ability to filter out events from processing based on user-specified URL patterns)
  • Add better error handling for certain errors
  • Retry certain failed actions a few times, in case the problem is temporary
  • Don't stop on certain errors that are either recoverable or localized to few site collections
  • Speed up outputting to Syslog and Syslog files
  • Retry creating/opening Syslog files on error
  • Add noise event statistics (displaying how many noise events were suppressed)
  • Fix noise event filtering for all outputs
  • Add error handling for corrupted settings file
  • Add Microsoft.SharePoint.dll version 16 for SharePoint Server 2016 support
  • Many performance improvements
  • Many bug fixes

LOGbinder for SharePoint 6.1.52 (1/1/2019)

  • New code signing certificate

LOGbinder for SharePoint 6.1.48 (8/13/2018)

  • Fixed a regression bug

LOGbinder for SharePoint 6.1.36 (6/3/2018)

  • Corrected some CEF problems (a duplicate field in some events and escaping '=' signs)

LOGbinder for SharePoint 6.1.29 (3/28/2018)

  • Some minor fixes

LOGbinder for SharePoint 6.1.27 (3/9/2018)

  • Handle multiple NICs correctly for Syslog outputs

LOGbinder for SharePoint 6.1.24 (12/22/2017)

  • Fixed Syslog date to use US format of month names instead of internationalized versions
  • Fixed a small regression bug

LOGbinder for SharePoint 6.1.20 (11/17/2017)

  • Added user option to set batch size
  • Added sorting capability to input columns
  • Added feature to select inputs by searching for text included in their names
  • Added date range to event 551
  • Fixed an issue relating inspection

LOGbinder for SharePoint 6.1.11 (11/1/2017)

  • Increased allowed memory threshold

LOGbinder for SharePoint 6.1.9 (8/8/2017)

  • Fixed a date issue due to regional settings

LOGbinder for SharePoint 6.1.7 (7/7/2017)

  • Increased LOGbinder service startup timeout

LOGbinder for SharePoint 6.1 (2/24/2017)

  • Added statistics to informational events
    • Information includes processed file names, elapsed time, EPS (events per second)
  • New and improved installer
  • Refined service start/stop process
  • Improved resilience when site collection names are temporarily not retrievable
  • Improved handling of SharePoint out-of-memory errors
  • Changed some LOGbinder message terminology
  • Added option to specify installation folder other than the default
  • Removed reporting and event nodes from the Control Panel
  • Fixed issue when adding secondary site collection administrator  
  • Fixed claims encoding not considered when adding secondary site collection administrator
  • Fixed crushing when setting last processed date to a future date
  • Fixed not issuing tamper warnings
  • Several other updates and improvements

LOGbinder for SharePoint 6.0 (10/31/2016)

  • Support for SharePoint 2016 On-Premises
  • New installer automates some prerequisites
  • Service will not shutdown if there is an interruption between SharePoint and the SQL Server
  • Option to remove the claim type data prefix from usernames
  • Select all site collections using "CTRL-A"
  • If a site collection goes offline or is unreachable it will not get set to "Not Monitored" immediately
  • Removed support for Windows Server 2003
  • Microsoft .NET Framework minimum requirement is version 4.5.1

LOGbinder for SharePoint 5.1.13 (5/24/2016)

  • Handle invalid XML in search event #24
    • Note: The event's output is unchanged (i.e. we do not strip characters from the search string)
  • Allow customer to set memory threshold to restart service
    • Range that can be chosen is from 2GB-10GB. Default setting is 8GB. Setting in Options window.
  • Fix output for events #65, 66

LOGbinder for SharePoint 5.1.12 (3/18/2016)

  • Fix for issue found with 64bit .msi installer in some environments

LOGbinder for SharePoint 5.1.9 (1/16/2016)

  • Bug Fix for outputting LEEF in UDP

LOGbinder for SharePoint 5.1 (4/24/2015)

  • New events: #64 “Item declared as a record”, #65 “Item undeclared as a record”, #66 “Policy deleted” for undocumented SharePoint events
  • Improve memory usage by responding more quickly when reaching memory threshold, in order to deal with SharePoint memory management issues
  • If LOGbinder is forced to restart because of memory usage, resume at the next site collection where it left off, instead of the first one
  • Improve handling of a site collection being deleted while LOGbinder is running
  • Improve handling of identifying servers in farm that require licensing, so that multiple servers with same IP address will not be counted multiple times
  • Add role name and description to event #32
  • Improve handling of Syslog error "non-blocking socket operation could not be completed"
  • A number of other internal improvements

LOGbinder SP 5.0.29 (1/16/2015)

  • Fix missing details in certain events

LOGbinder SP 5.0.28 (10/24/2014)

  • Fix problem if writing large warning event

LOGbinder SP 5.0.23 (10/1/2014)

  • Add support for LEEF output

LOGbinder SP 5.0.15 (9/2/2014)

  • Add option to tune SharePoint lookups so that customer has control over how many lookups are done
  • Add to Options the ability to change LOGbinder's output directory
  • Adjust Output window to indicate that date is part of CEF/Syslog file name
  • Adjust way of getting paths
  • Make LOGbinder Control Panel / Service start more efficiently
  • Rework caching to ensure efficiency
  • Do not process event backlog when starting
  • Do not remove site collection administrator when adding service account
  • Improve handling when SharePoint loses connection to SQL server
  • Handle memory error from Security log
  • Fix bug where enabling security log created error when starting service from Control Panel

LOGbinder SP 4.0.5 (2/27/2014)

  • Allow to use network location for Syslog output, by changing Alternate Output Directory in Options
  • Add Test button to Output properties of Syslog outputs to test connection
  • Adjust sample file name in Output properties window so that it indicates that the date is included in the file name

LOGbinder SP 4.0.3 (10/4/2013)

  • Fix handling of SharePoint permissions updated/removed according to some undocumented changes by SharePoint

LOGbinder SP 4.0.1 (9/6/2013)

  • Allow service to restart properly after a site collection is deleted

LOGbinder SP 4.0.0 (9/2/2013)

  • Support SharePoint 2013
  • If service not installed, install when LOGbinder Control Panel starts. Also allow install/uninstall by double-clicking on service in status bar
  • Reduce large memory consumption for long periods of time
  • Give more meaningful message if bad credentials entered during installation
  • Adjust installer so installs for all users properly
  • Not adjust secondary site collection administrator if not necessary

LOGbinder SP 3.6.6 (6/6/2013)

  • Fix 32-bit installer

LOGbinder SP 3.6.5 (4/15/2013)

  • Truncate large events being written to Security log
  • Improve error reporting

LOGbinder SP 3.6.4 (3/19/2013)

  • Fix bug if SharePoint custom event and event name is empty

LOGbinder SP 3.6.3 (3/7/2013)

  • Do not set site collection administrator needlessly

LOGbinder SP 3.6.0 (3/1/2013)

  • Add option for adjusting properties of multiple inputs
  • Add option to exclude personal sites from default audit policy
  • Add Central Administration site collection monitoring
  • New event #63 “Content type imported”
  • New event #550 “LOGbinder process report”
  • New event #558 “LOGbinder process warning”
  • Fixed several small issues

LOGbinder SP 3.5.15 (1/21/2013)

  • Adjust CEF fields for ArcSight certification
  • Fix issue with messages file to format dates in international format
  • Fix to allow Conserve Resources option to be saved

LOGbinder SP 3.5.12 (10/5/2012)

  • Truncates details for event 22 Object profile changed and 23 SharePoint object structure changed. Details will have limit of 1000 characters

LOGbinder SP 3.5.11 (9/10/2012)

  • Add output option for Syslog-Generic and Syslog-Generic (File)
  • Add output option for Syslog-CEF and Syslog-CEF (File)
  • New option to “Conserve resources with lookups”
  • Reset connection to SharePoint site collection after 90 minutes
  • Diagnostic log splits after reaches 10MB in size

LOGbinder SP 3.1.0 (6/22/2012)

  • Enable Security log output during Trial period
  • Add event #61 “Retention policy processed”
  • Add event #62 “Document fragment updated” for FileFragmentWrite audit type
  • Reset SharePoint connection automatically after 23 hours
  • Fix several small issues

LOGbinder SP 3.0.0 (3/6/2012)

  • Add farm-wide default audit policy
  • New site collections automatically audited
  • Add new ways to specify the audit settings for a site collection
  • Add SharePoint Farm Properties window
  • Add automatic tamper detection and response
  • Add event #60 “Possible tampering warning”
  • Add access to LOGbinder Diagnostic Events from within LOGbinder
  • Add “Reports” that contain our recommended SIEM reports
  • Update the text of the output properties window to make the options more clear

LOGbinder SP 2.1.10 (12/12/2011)

  • Several updates and improvements

LOGbinder SP 2.1.7 (9/1/2011)

  • Several updates and improvements

LOGbinder SP 2.1.1 (2/23/2011)

  • Several updates and improvements

LOGbinder SP 2.0.2 (8/19/2010)

  • Several updates and improvements

LOGbinder SP 1.9.0 (7/1/2010)

  • Several updates and improvements

LOGbinder SP 1.2.0 (3/31/2010)

  • Several updates and improvements

LOGbinder SP 1.1.3 (2/26/2010)

  • Several updates and improvements

LOGbinder SP 1.1.2 (2/13/2010)

  • Several updates and improvements

LOGbinder SP 1.1.1 (2/11/2010)

  • Several updates and improvements

LOGbinder SP 1.1.0 (2/8/2010)

  • Several updates and improvements

LOGbinder SP 1.0.1 (10/7/2009)

  • Several updates and improvements

LOGbinder SP 1.0 (9/25/2009)

  • First release

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