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4.5. Annual Support and Maintenance Terms and Conditions


Purchase of an Annual Support and Maintenance Agreement (Agreement) covers:

  • Updates. Availability announcements of updates are sent to the email address on the Certificate.
  • Technical support (excluding consulting). Support is initiated by creating a ticket in our support portal. Subsequent phone or web conferences will be arranged as deemed necessary by our support. Licensee may be asked for certificate number before being provided support.
  • Support is available 9am-5pm Eastern US time Monday – Friday.
  • 24 hour response time during normal business hours. Failure: 1 month of PSM refunded for each day missed. If not solved within 48 hours, customer can request to escalate the issue to LOGbinder's Development Triage Team who will classify the issue as:
    • LOGbinder product defect
    • Environment specific issue
    • Microsoft product defect

    Regardless of the classification we will make our best effort to solve or create a work around at which time a case-specific patch or product update will be provided. (To date we've only classified one issue as environment specific and we solved it in the next release of the software.)

  • Credit towards the purchase of a higher-level license and Support and Maintenance Agreement (e.g. when you upgrade from WSS to Enterprise, etc.). This includes the original software cost and the unused portion of this Support and Maintenance Agreement (pro-rated and applied to the maintenance fee for the higher-level license).


Annual Support and Maintenance Agreements can be purchased in 1, 2 or 3 year increments.

Years Amount
1 20% of software list price
2 38% of software list price
3 54% of software list price

Terms and Conditions

Renewal: We will email the technical contact and business contact we have on record at least 30 days prior to expiration to arrange renewal. (We will likely begin reminding you 90 days before expiration as well as send a fax to your main office.) Unless you renew, this Agreement automatically expires on midnight of the expiration date.

The cost of the Support and Maintenance Agreement will be based on the list price of the software at the time of the purchase. After that period, the cost to renew the Support and Maintenance Agreement will be based on the list price of the software at the time of each renewal.

Please note that lapses in Support and Maintenance Agreements are not allowed. In the case where a Support and Maintenance Agreement expired, any future renewals of said agreement will begin on the day following the original expiration date.

Cancelation: The Agreement can be canceled at any time in writing by e-mail, fax or letter. In case of cancelation, Monterey Technology Group, Inc. will not pro-rate or issue any refunds for any unused time on this agreement.

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