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3.14. Licensing

Supercharger can be installed and will run fully functional in Enterprise mode for 30 days from the installation day.  Once the expiration date is reached, Supercharger will run with a 45 day grace period.  If a new license is not applied during this 45 day grace period, it will not function properly once the grace period expires.

If you are testing Supercharger and need to purchase licensing, please contact

Permanent license keys are not issued until an invoice payment has been received.  If you are an existing customer pending payment and your temporary license key will expire, please request an extended temp key from our support team.

If you are an existing customer customer and the follow prerequisites have been reached:

  1. Your invoice is paid
  2. You have already installed Supercharger

Then please open a support ticket and request the license key. Please include in the ticket the Licensee and/or End User and the Thumbprint from the "Settings" page under the "Licensing" tab in Supercharger. It would expedite the request if a screenshot of the entire licensing screen is attached to the support ticket as well.

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