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5.15. Using HTTPS with Windows Event Forwarding and Supercharger

We do not provide consulting for using WEC over HTTPS as part of Supercharger support contracts. The following information is provided as a courtesy and may not cover every detail or situation in your environment because of the complexity of PKI.

We will provide support on configuring the Supercharger IIS website to use HTTPS in terms of the local configuration of IIS. It is your responsibility to enroll the server with a valid server certificate and private key and import it. We do not provide support on PKI issues or certificate enrollment.

The following information may be of help.

There are two different areas where HTTPS may be used:

  1. Forwarding events with WEC using a https:// URL for the target subscription manager when you target computers at the collector
  2. Accessing the Supercharger GUI/Dashboard through HTTPS, for example, https://localhost/Supercharger

For #1 above there are a few things you have to do:

For #2 above there are many options to complete this. Configuring Supercharger to use HTTPS is the same as configuring HTTPS for any website. Your organization will have to determine which process meets its security requirements. Because of this, we do not provide a guide for setting up websites using HTTPS for every scenario as this is fully documented online from multiple resources. Below, though, are a few points to keep in mind. Here is a link to one scenario for "How To Setup Supercharger Web GUI for HTTPS".

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