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5.16. Overriding global settings

Supercharger allows some of its global parameters to be overwritten by the user. Although these parameters have been carefully selected, at times it may be necessary to adjust them to your circumstances. For example, when the forwarder analysis or the collector analysis takes too long, you might want them to run less frequently.

These values can be changed under Settings / Overrides.

The following table contains some of the most frequently used settings:

 Setting Explanation Default Units
AutomaticRebootEnabled When set to True, automatically reboot a controller if WEC service on it has been unhealthy for AutomaticRebootAfterWecUnhealthyMinutes minutes. False  
AutomaticRebootAfterWecUnhealthyMinutes After the set minutes, automatically reboot a controller if WEC service on it has been unhealthy and AutomaticRebootEnabled is True. 60 minutes
DisableGroupPolicyChecks When set to True, group policy information will not be collected. Group policy information is used to advise you on potential problems in the group policy settings that might influence event forwarding. False  
DisableTrialLicenseEmails When set to True, no warning emails will be sent about expired trial license. False  
ExcludeDrivesWithCapacityBelowGb Exclude from health checks hard drives below this capacity. If 0, don't exclude any. 0 GB
RecurCollectorAnalysisSeconds How often collector analysis will run. 900 seconds
RecurForwarderAnalysisSeconds How often forwarder analysis will run. 900 seconds
RecurMaintainLoadBalancersCommandSeconds How often maintain load balancers command will run. 3600 seconds
WaitForRemoteCommandsToRunSeconds How long to wait to complete remote commands for distributed subscription operations. 5 seconds

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