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5.21. How to Install SQL Express manually with Supercharger

Install SQL Express

Download the latest version of SQL Express from Microsoft. In this article we are working with SQL Express 2019.

Run the installer. Click on Custom Install. Click next on Install Rules. For Feature Selection you can uncheck "SQL Server Replication" and "Machine Learning Services and Language Extension".  

For "Instance Configuration" and "Server Configuration"  you can choose any name or leave it default. For "Database Engine Configuration" be sure to select Mixed Mode and then enter a password that you will remember for the sa account.

SQL Server is now installed.

Create SQL Login for Supercharger

There are two ways to do this. Both are shown below.

Option 1

Open an administrator cmd prompt and run the following commands.

sqlcmd -Slocalhost\sqlexpress
ALTER SERVER ROLE [sysadmin] ADD MEMBER ScManagerDbUser 

Option 2

As an alternative to the above step you can install SQL Server Management Studio and run the above cmd as a query as shown below:

Optional Step if using SQL Express 2019

 Open Regedit.  This step is only needed since we are installing SQL Express 2019.

  1. Navigate to Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Microsoft SQL Server. Right click on the folder and create a new Key. Name it 130. It should show up in the list as shown in the inset of the image below.

Install Supercharger

Run Supercharger installer. On the setup screen you should see the following:

Click next on installer until it is complete.

Restart the server.

Configure Supercharger to use your custom SQL Server installation

Open a browser (Google Chrome is high recommended). Navigate to http://localhost/supercharger/explorer. It may take a couple of minutes but you should get a DB status screen similar to what's shown below. Click "Configure" next to where it says Bad Credentials.

Provide the name of the SQL Server using either localhost or the server name. (If SQL Server certificate is used, provide the same FQDN as in the CN of the certificate.)
The database name will be SUPERCHARGER.
The username is ScManagerDbUser and the password you specified in the steps above.

After you click Save, Supercharger should reload in the browser in a minute. If you see any errors that contain content related to SQL Server connection issues please perform the following additional step:

Configure port in SQL

Open "SQL Server Configuration Manager". Expand the configuration for this instance. Open the properties of the TCP/IP protocol. Click on the IP Addresses tab and scroll to the bottom section named IPAll. Next to TCP Port enter 1433. Apply and restart SQL Server service.

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