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3.6. Domains

  Domains in Supercharger correspond directly to the Active Directory domains of your Windows event collectors. Supercharger does not depend on AD trust relationships or forest boundaries. Whenever you add a new collector, Supercharger automatically creates a new domain object if necessary and presents all collectors under their appropriate domain.

Supercharger is aware of domains for coordinating Load Balanced Subscriptions.

When you click on a Domain, Supercharger will display all properties in its Domain page.

Load Balancers Tab 

This tab displays all Load Balancers in the Domain and allows you run Load Balancer Maintenance on demand.

Status Tab

Master Collector

Supercharger automatically designates the first collector in a domain as the “master collector” for that domain. This collector processes any Active Directory related tasks. The domain page's Status tab identifies the current master collector for that domain.

If your master collector needs to be decommissioned or will be down for an extended period you can promote a different collector in the domain; look for the Promote button in that collector’s viewer dialog. There is no need to promote a new collector if the current master will only be down for less than a day, but be aware that you will not be able to make any Load Balanced Subscription related changes during that time in the affected domain.

Group Policy

As explained in Implementing Windows Event Collection you must use Group Policy to target forwarder computers at your collectors. Group Policy requires a specially formatted string each collector that you wish to target. Supercharger provides this string for each controller in the domain, in that domain page's Status tab; the list is labeled as Subscription Manager strings.

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