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1.2. Supercharger Architecture - Physical

Supercharger requires one server to be designated as the Manager and an agent (aka “Controller”) runs on each of the Windows Event Collectors. The Manager comprises

For smaller environments, it is possible to run the Manager on one of your Windows Event Collectors. Certainly, if you only have one Collector then simply use it as your Supercharger Manager. The Manager automatically includes the necessary agent for managing local Subscriptions.

In the example below, there are 3 different Active Directory domains. One domain has 2 Collectors while the other domains each have one Collector. The Supercharger Controller (aka Agent) is installed on all 4 collectors and a 5th computer is the Manager. Supercharger supports multiple domains and no trust relationship is required; one Manager supports Collectors from multiple, unrelated domains without dependency on Forest or trust topology.

Here’s a screen shot of the dashboard for showing 2 domains, collectors and a load balancer with a load balanced subscription.

When you download Supercharger from our website, what you get is the Manager installer. Once you install the Manager, the easiest way to install the Controller (aka Agent) on each Collector is just logon to that Collector, open Supercharger with your browser and download the Controller installer as described here.

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