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1.3. Supercharger Architecture - Logical

Supercharger’s logical architecture is centered around WEC subscriptions and the Windows servers (aka Collectors) that host them. Other Supercharger objects include Collector Policies, Subscription Policies and Managed Filters.

In the above example, we have 2 Active Directory domains. The first domain has 1 Collector and there are 2 Collectors in the other domain.

Above, you’ll notice 4 types of objects in Supercharger:

The forwarders are not shown. By the way, technically, forwarders can cross domain boundaries and send events to Collectors elsewhere in the forest but we don’t recommend it nor does Supercharger fully support forwarders crossing domains. But as we said earlier, Supercharger fully supports multiple domains with no dependencies on trust or forest topology. It’s just best to avoid assigning forwarders to Collectors outside their domain.

The other important dimension of Supercharger’s logical architecture is Load Balanced Subscriptions. If you have a large environment with thousands of forwarders you’ll especially want to read this.

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