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5.26. Load Balancing with Jumbos

In addition to Load Balancing forwarders across collectors, Supercharger gives you the ability to analyze your environment and balance based on Jumbo Forwarders. What is a jumbo forwarder?  A jumbo is an event forwarder (server/workstation) that generates an exponentially higher EPS rate than its cohorts. For example, let's say you have 10,000 forwarders with an average EPS of 500-1000. Of that 10,000 you have 10 file servers that are generating 5,000 EPS due to the authentication of users accessing its file shares. That is 5-10 times the average. This forwarder would fall in to the Jumbo Forwarder status.

In Supercharger on a Load Balancer there are three options on the Jumbos tab as shown in the screenshot below:

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