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Welcome to the LOGbinder product support center where you'll find our documentation and support contact form. To open a new support case click on "Submit a Request" on the left navigation bar. You will find "Getting Started Guides" in the "Knowledge Books" links to the left.

Knowledge Books

Supercharger KB

Learn the basics of Windows Event Collection and deep dive in to Supercharger for Windows Event Collection. Learn about the functionality and features of Supercharger. We also have some of the best WEC troubleshooting articles on the web here.

LOGbinder for SQL Server KB

All you need to know get LBSQL installed and configured.

LOGbinder for SharePoint KB

All you need to know get LBSP installed and configured.

LOGbinder for Exchange KB

All you need to know get LBEX installed and configured.

Knowledge Book Pages Rated Most Helpful

Supercharger KB ~ End User License Agreement
Supercharger KB ~ Annual Support and Maintenance Terms and Conditions
Supercharger KB ~ Installing Supercharger
Supercharger KB ~ Forwarder Analysis
Supercharger KB ~ Licensing
Supercharger KB ~ Customer Installed SQL Server
Supercharger KB ~ How to analyze where events are coming from and how many
Supercharger KB ~ Adding a Collector to Supercharger
Supercharger KB ~ Install Supercharger with Splunk Free and the Splunk App for LOGbinder
Supercharger KB ~ Ports used by Supercharger